The hidden gems of Haiti (video)

  When I saw this video, I had to post it. To let you guys know, it's been a WHOLE 10+ years since I been to Haiti, probably closer to 15 years to be accurate. I'm not sure if my family and I traveled to the tourist parts of the country when I was younger... Continue Reading →

Haiti in the early 1980’s

Here’s a fun fact. Missionaries from the United States, Canada, France, and Britain established several schools in Haiti. In the 1980s, Kreyol was forbidden as a language in schools that were taught entirely in French. Students were often times castigated if caught speaking Kreyol on school grounds.

A picture of Haiti in the 70’s

Here’s a fun fact. In 1974, Haiti had the honor of being the second country in the Caribbean to qualify for the 10th FIFA World Cup championship. That year it was held in Germany. It was another 14 years before another Caribbean nation qualified for that honor. To the utter astonishment, and downright shock of... Continue Reading →

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